22-Ton and 2500-Watt Amada LC-2012C1 Laser/Turret punch combination machine

Manufactured in 2016, installed new in 2017

With only  ~11,400 “on” hours and ~876 “beam” hours!


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The Amada LC-2012C1  laser-punch

The Amada LC-2012C1 is a fully electric servo turret punch like Amada’s EM and AE series machines,  plus a hybrid CO2 laser cutting system. Like other  late model punches and lasers, this machine features Amada’s latest 3i series control and Fanuc iC series resonator.

Machine specifications:

Max. sheet  size w/o reposition: 79″ x 50″
Amada/Fanuc laser resonator model: AF2000i-C LU2.5
Max. sheet weight: 110 lbs. (F1) 330 lbs. (F4)
Max. material thickness: 0.25″
Max. continuous laser output: 2.5kW
Tap applications: Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Punch servo drive: AC servo
Press tonnage: 22 tons
Turret capacity: 45 station (1) AI + (4) tapping stations (MPT turret)
Max. hit rate: X Axis 370 hpm – Y Axis 275 hpm
(on 1″ pitch at 0.118″ stroke) for punching pattern
900 hpm (at 0.019″ pitch and 0.055″ stroke) for marking pattern
Work chute size (X/Y): 15.75″ x 50″
Max. table feed rate (X/Y): 3,150 ipm x 2,362 ipm
Positioning accuracy during combination process: 0.0027″
Approx. floor space requirement: 226 sq. ft.
Power requirements: 69Kva
Machine weight: 15.5 tons

Equipped  with:

Amada AMNC 3i control
Amada/Fanuc laser resonator model: AF2000i-C  LU2.5

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