Water Jets


Techni-i510-G2 Water Jet, 2017 #240

Used CNC Water Jet Cutting Systems

Water Jet Equipment harnesses the power of water to cut through a wide variety of materials including metal, glass, stone, composites, and much more. Using water jet systems provides the advantage of high precision, clean cutting by a focused water stream. The water jet’s high-pressure pump generates a flow of pressurized water that will pass through a small nozzle to create a water stream. Some water jets have a granular abrasive added to increase the cutting power to be able to cut through some of the toughest materials.

Those who are looking for a cutting option that is versatile, easy to use, and cuts without heat causing no thermal distortion, may want to consider water jet machines. At Elite Machinery, we buy and sell popular makes and models of water jet equipment and we can help you find the right solution for your application. Contact us today to start shopping for a used  water jet cutter!