Sell Your Used Industrial Equipment & Machinery to Elite Machinery

We offer Outright Purchases, Broker Sales or Trade Ins!

We take the guesswork out of selling surplus or idle machinery. When selling or trading-in a used machine you need to accurately price the machine for today’s machinery market and determine the sales solution that best fits your needs.

Elite Machinery is a family owned business, with over 30 years of experience selling or buying used industrial equipment. Located in the heart land of manufacturing, we have access to high quality, used industrial equipment and access for easy shipping to our customers across the United States and worldwide.

We offer the following solutions for monetizing your used equipment:


Since we have been buying and selling machines every day for 25 years, our prices are based on actual sales of machines like yours. This daily involvement allows us to give you accurate pricing in the current market. When we evaluate your machine, we will often provide pricing by selling it off your floor and as an outright purchase to help you determine the best solution should you decide to sell your machine.

Outright purchase

As a stocking dealer, we buy machines for our inventory and you get paid before the machine leaves your shop.

Broker sales

When time permits, selling your machinery off your floor is often the solution that will net you the most money. We have the marketing expertise and extensive network of potential buyers worldwide built from our years in the industry. We will sell your machinery quickly and at a fair price. Many of our listed machines come from repeat customers who trust us each time they have a surplus machine. They trust us because we say what we will do in plain language, without complicated contracts or gimmicks, and we deliver results. When you work with Elite Machinery Inc. to sell your machine, you have a partner looking out for your interests.


We often buy and broker trade-in machinery to make room for a new machinery sale. If you are a new equipment sales rep or dealer, we would like to partner with you to buy and sell your customers’ used machinery. Give us a call to find out how we can help you and what makes us a better choice for your used equipment partner.

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