Fiber Lasers


3000-Watt Amada ENSIS-3015AJ fiber laser, 2017 #330

3000-Watt Amada ENSIS-3015AJ Fiber laser, 2017 #440

3000-Watt Amada ENSIS-3015AJ Flat and Rotary 2019 #607

4000-Watt Amada FLC-4020AJ Fiber laser,2014 #406

4000-watt Amada FOL-3015AJ Fiber laser #601

4000-watt Amada FOL-3015AJ Fiber laser with MP-Flex-It automation #385


6000-watt CY Fiber laser model CY-2D L3015 #593


2000-Watt LVD-Strippit Lynx FL-3015 Fiber laser, 2017 #510


4000-watt Mazak Direct Diode fiber laser Optiplex 3015DDL #321

6000-Watt Mazak Optiplex 3015 Fiber II laser, 2016 #398


4000-watt Mitsubishi ML-3015NX Fiber laser, 2015 #590

8000-watt Mitsubishi ML-3015eX-F80 Fiber laser, 2018 #393


3000-Watt Salvagnini L-3 Fiber laser, low hours, #431


2000-watt Trumpf Trulaser 1030 Fiber laser #583

4000-Watt Trumpf TruLaser 2030 Fiber Laser, 2018 #548

4000-watt Trumpf Trulaser Weld Fiber Cell, 2018 #512

6000-watt Trumpf Trulaser 3060 Fiber laser, 2018 #336

Used Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Buy a Used CNC Fiber Laser Cutter

Many applications are choosing to replace older CO2 laser machinery with newer fiber laser cutting systems. Fiber laser technology has brought faster maximum speeds, higher wall plug efficiencies’ and the ability to process additional nonferrous metals such as brass and copper. CNC fiber laser machinery provides high precision, quality, speed, and efficiency. At Elite Machinery, we have an extensive inventory of used fiber laser machines.

Fiber Lasers from Top Brands

Elite Machinery sells used fiber laser cutting machines from top brands including Amada, BLM, Mazak and Trumpf. We have knowledge of each make and model of fiber laser machines and we can help you guide you to make an informed decision about which laser is right for your application. When you buy a laser cutting machine from Elite Machinery, we will assist you through every step of the buying process from choosing a machine to disconnection, installation, and service.



If you are interested in purchasing a used fiber laser machine, look no further than Elite Machinery. With an extensive knowledge of fiber laser machinery and a large inventory of used fiber lasers, we can help you find the machine you need. Contact us today.