Amada EMK3610 NT Turret Punching Cell, 33 Ton

Manufactured in 2006

Amada ASR-510M Load/unload system

33 Ton Amada EMK3610 NT Turret Punching Cell

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Machine seen from operators side

EM-NT Series – Servo-Electric Turret Punch Press

The cutting-edge EM Series turret punch press uses twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft. Amada’s third generation drive system combines the simplicity of the original clutch and brake technology with the high speeds of the fastest hydraulic ram driven systems. The result is unmatched performance, superior reliability, and lower operating costs. Excelling in lean environments the EM can deliver 500 HPM (1″ centers), slug pull prevention, forming control, 45 station and 58 station turrets, large table size and a full featured PC based network control.

This EM turret punch press is an EMK-3610NT, featuring the 58 station 4 Auto-Index “King” turret with industry leading 4.5″ auto-index stations and a 60″ x 100″ brush table (5′ x 10′ or larger sheets with 1 auto-reposition).

This punching system is equipped with an Amada ASR-510M load/unload system and material storage tower. This system maximizes this high-speed turret punch presses productivity and is capable of “lights out” production.

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Amada EMK 3610 Technical Specifications

500HPM (0.197″ stroke & 1″ pitch)
780SPM (0.197″ stroke & 0.039″ pitch)
1800SPM (0.055″ pitch marking)
45 Station 4 A/I (2 x 11/4″ and 2 x 2″)
58 Station 4 A/I (2 x 11/4″ and 2 x 41/2″)
58 Station 2 A/I Z-Turret (2 x 11/4″)
Slide Type Die Holder: Standard
Feed Clearance 0.984″
Press Capacity: 33 Tons
AMNC-F (Fanuc) Controller: Network support and job input by bar code
Sheet Size (without reposition): 60″ x 100″
Axis Speed:
X-Axis: 3950″/min.
Y-Axis: 3150″/min.
Brush Table: Standard

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