33 Ton Amada EMK-3612-M2 Fully Electric turret punch press

New in 2015


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The Amada EMK M2 Servo turret punch press

The Amada EMK M2 is the latest version of Amada’s popular “Electro-Mechanical” fully electric servo drive turret punch press. All EMK series machines feature a 33-Ton dual drive system and a full 5′ x 10′ table to process a full size sheet without the need for auto-repositioning. Also, the EMK is equipped with four auto-index stations including two of the industries largest 4 and 1/2 AI stations. This machine is equipped with Amada’s latest 3i series control.


Capacity: 33 Tons
Axis travels
X: 120″
Y: 60″
Maximum sheet size (with one reposition): 60″ x 240″)
Maximum sheet weight
F1: 110 lbs.
F4: 330 lbs.
Feed clearance: 0.984″
Stroke length: 1.45″
Maximum sheet thickness: 0.187″
Punching accuracy
Standard: +/- 0.004″
High accuracy mode: +/- 0.0027″
Table positioning speed
X: 3,937 inches per minute
Y: 3,150 inches per minute
Turret rotation speed: 30 RPM
Punching hit rate 1″ Pitch (0.2″ Stroke)
X: 500 hits per minute
Y: 300 hits per minute
Nibbling hit rate 0.080 pitch (0.2″ stroke)
X: 745 hits per minute
Y: 410 hits per minute
Marking hit rate 0.197″ pitch (0.055″ stroke): 1,800 hits per minute
Electric power required: 200/208 3 phase
Machine weight: 46,200 lbs.

Equipped with

Twin servo drives
58 station turret with two 4.5″ Auto-Index stations and two standard 1 1/4″ Auto-index stations
Power vacuum slug system
Up to 1/2″ forming operations
Brush table
Free standing PC-Based network CNC control

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