40-Ton Trumpf TruBend 7036 Electric press brake
Manufactured in 2013

Equipped with 6-Axis Control and backgauge, and Hydraulic clamping


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The Trumpf Trubend 7036

The Trumpf Trubend 7036 is a fully electric servo press brake. Designed with ergonomics in mind and optimized for small to medium size parts, the 7036 is an ideal small press brake.  A 6-axis CNC control and backgauge, plus hydraulic clamping, complete this highly productive press brake.

Technical specifications:

Press force: 40 U.S. tons
Bending length: 40″
Width between columns: 37″
Maximum table/beam distance: 16.5″
Usable installation height: 12″
Throat: 6”
Operating height: 45”


Y rapid: 520 Inches per minute
Y working: 59 Inches per minute
Y return traverse speed: 520 Inches per minute
X axis: 2362 Inches per minute
R axis: 780 Inches per minute
Z axis: 2362 Inches per minute


Y axis Position accuracy: 0.00008”
X axis Position accuracy: 0.0008”
R axis Position accuracy: 0.0008”

Working Range:

Y axis stroke: 5”
Travel path X axis: 9”
Max. gauge area in X: 20”
Travel path R axis: 3”


Model: TASC 6000

Connection values:

Connected load: 6 kVA

Dimensions and weight:

Length x width: 71″ x 52″
Height: 94″
Weight: 5732 lbs.


6-axis backgauge
Hydraulic clamping

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