247-Ton Amada HFE M2-2204 press  brake, 168″ Overall length
Manufactured in April of 2012

Equipped with 8-Axis CNC Amada AB-Pad control and backgauge


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The Amada HFE-M2  press brake

The Amada HFE-M2 series  is the latest of Amada’s popular line of hydraulic press brakes that include the HFB and HFE machines. Upgrades include a new control and 8-axis backgauge, plus new electronics throughout the machine. This machine is a 2204 model, which is 247 tons and 4 meters long.

Machine Specifications

Maximum tonnage: 247 U.S. Tons
Minimum tonnage: 29.2 U.S. Tons
Working length: 168″
Table width: 7.09″
Working  height: 37.8″
Open height: 18.5″
Stroke length: 7.87″
Throat depth: 16.5″
Distance between frames: 148″
Oil Capacity: 77.9 Gal
Total  length: 218.9″
Total width: 103.3″
Total  weight: 37,700 lbs.
Power consumption 21.5 kVA


Maximum approach speed: 3.94 inches  per  second
Maximum bending speed: 0.39 inches  per  second
Maximum return speed: 30.94 inches per second

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