3000-Watt Salvagnini L3 Fiber laser
Manufactured in 2011

Only ~16,418 “on” hours and ~4392 “emission hours” as of 12/8/2020


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Salvagnini L3 Fiber laser

Salvagnini was one of the first companies to invest in Fiber laser technology and the L3 is the productive and versatile solution created from that experience. This machine is a 5′ x 10′ Fiber laser system with a proven IPG fiber resonator (source).

Machine Specifications

Number of controlled axes (maximum): 3
Work area travel (maximum)
X-axis: 120″
Y-axis: 60″
Z-axis: 6″

Laser Specifications

Laser type: Solid state fiber optic
Laser power (maximum): 3000 watts
Maximum workpiece thickness when configured with maximum power resonator
Mild steel: 0.709″
Stainless steel: 0.374″
Aluminum: 0.315″
Brass: 0.197″
Copper: 0.197″

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