88-Ton Amada HD-8025NT hybrid press brake

Equipped with 7-Axis NT control and 5-axis backgauge
Manufactured in 2010, installed new in 2012


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The Amada HD series press brake

The Amada HD press brakes are servo-hydraulic hybrid press brakes like the HDS and HG models. Like those models, the HD is reliable and productive. The one main difference is the crowning system with the HD using  wedge style crowning.

Machine specifications

Model: HD8025NT
Tonnage capacity: 80 metric, 88 U.S. tons
Table length: 101.2”
Maximum bend length: 101.2
Distance between frames: 83.5”
Throat depth: 16.5”
Stroke length: 7.9”
Open height: 18.5”
Main motor: 200 volts
Hydraulic oil reservoir: 9.0 gallons
Overall length: 162.2”
Overall width: 98.8”
Overall height: 105.1”
Ground height: 105.9”
Approximate weight: 12,346 lbs.
Environmental temperature: 32~104 degrees Fahrenheit


Approach speed: 4.72″/second
Bending speed: 0.39″/second
Return speed: 4.72″/second

Control and backgauge

Backgauge range: 27.5″
Backgauge vertical range: 9.84″
Control type: Amada AMNC-PC
Program capacity: unlimited via network
Axis under CNC control: 7
RAM: D1 & D2
Backgauge: L1 & L2
Backgauge horizontal: Y1 & Y2
Backgauge vertical: Z
Ram repeatability: +/- 0.00004″
Backgauge speed (L-axis) 1.181″/min
Backgauge speed (Y-axis) 2,362″/min
Backgauge speed (Z-axis) 393″/min

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