Turret Punch Press


22 Ton Amada Vipros 2510 King, 2000, #473

22-Ton Amada AE-2510NT AC-Servo turret punch press 2011 #419

22-Ton Amada AE-2510NT, 2015 #535

22-Ton Amada Apelio 2510VIII laser-punch, 2001, #288

22-Ton Amada EM-2510NT #213

22-Ton Amada Vipros 2510 with MP1225NJ, 2000, #234

22-Ton Amada Vipros 255 turret punch press, brush table, 2001 #289

22-Ton and 2500 watt Amada LC-2012C1 laser-punch, 2017 #485

33-Ton Amada EM-3612-ZRT servo punch, 2016, #272

33-Ton Amada EMK 3610NT with ASR510M #164

33-Ton Amada EMK-3612-M2 Servo turret punch, 2015 #390

33-Ton Amada EMK-3612-M2, Mfg: 2018, Installed ’19 #391

33-Ton Amada EMLK-3610NT laser-punch, 2016 #271

33-Ton Amada Pega 345 Queen, 1998 #269

33-Ton Amada Pega 357 turret punch press, 1996 #301

33-Ton Amada Pega 357 turret punch press, 2001 #419

33-Ton Amada Vipros 367 Queen #200

33-Ton Amada Vipros 368 King II #226

33-Ton Amada Vipros 368 King II turret punch press, 2000 #300


33-Ton Strippit 1500H30 60-inch turret punch press, 2000, #355


33-Ton Wiedemann Centrum 3500 #211


33 Ton Punch and 3000-watt Fiber Laser Prima Power CG-1530, 2018 #327


20-Ton Trumpf TC-2020R with Sheetmaster compact #222

25-Ton Trumpf TC-5000R-1600 with 5′ x 10′ Sheetmaster, ’06 #558

25-Ton Trumpf TruPunch-5000 With Sheetmaster load and unload system, 2008 #206

Used Turret Punch Press Machines

Used Punching Machines, CNC Turret Punch Presses and Punching Cells

At Elite Machinery, we sell used CNC turret punch presses and turret punching machines are capable of blanking, cutting, punching holes and forming sheet metal all in one machine. Plus, they are generally faster than lasers for hole intensive parts and repetitive operations. The most versatile punching machines are capable of storing multiple tool and die sets and switching between those sets automatically to reduce down time. The most common turret punch designs feature turrets with 30-60 tool and die sets, allowing for many runs in between time consuming tool changes.

Turret Punch Presses from Top Manufacturers

Manufacturers such as Amada, LVD Strippit, Prima Power and Murata are popular brands of turret punch press. Another tool changer design is a fully indexable (rotating) punching head with tool sets stored on a rail or tool changer. Trumpf’s Trupunch machines are popular models using this design. All the designs are more flexible and excel at shorter runs than tool and die stamping operations. Punching technology has advanced from simple mechanical punching machines to hydraulic and servo designs with higher speeds and programmable stroke adjustments.


Contact Elite Machinery to Buy a Turret Punch Press

Elite Machinery Inc. has owned and sold hundreds of CNC turret punch presses and punching machines. We will be happy to assist you determining the best punching machine for your applications based on factors such as material types, hole sizes, forming operations and more. The team at Elite Machinery helps you through every step of the machine buying process. We have contacts in finance, machinery service and installation, software, rigging and trucking to make your purchasing process go smoothly.  Contact us today to simplify your search for a used turret punching machine.