20-Ton Trumpf Trumatic TC-2020R “Rotation”

New Linear Amplifier in 2018 with SheetMaster Compact

Manufactured in 2005


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Punching, Nibbling and Forming Machine

The Trumpf TC2020R is a highly productive punching, nibbling and forming machine with a compact footprint. It is equipped with a 4′ x 8′ table, rotation making all tools auto-index, intelligent control and high-speed ram and table. The Trumpf TC2020R is flexible with a linear magazine that is simple to set up and capability of serial production of smaller lots. Processing reliability is achieved through Trumpf’s MicroJoint technology, which connects the punched parts with the sheet skeleton. Also, the Trumpf TC2020R is efficient in material usage with micro-joints reducing waste; efficient in energy usage with a second pressure circuit ensuring excellent energy efficiency of all hydraulic drives and efficient with low air and energy consumption. This Trumpf TC-2020R is equipped with a sheetmaster compact load/unload system for maximum productivity.

Technical Data – Trumpf TC2020R Machine

Machine Working range
(X x Y) without repositioning: 100″ x 50″


Max. sheet thickness 0.250″
Max. punching tonnage 20 ton
Max. workpiece weight 330lbs


X axis: 3600 ipm
Y axis 2400 ipm
C axis 3 rotations/sec
Simultaneous (X and Y) 4300 ipm
Stroke rate, punching .040″pitch 900 1/min
Stroke rate, punching 1.00″pitch 420 1/min
Stroke rate, With marking/beading Option 2200 1/min


Max. number of tools: 19 to 1901 tools
Rotation of all tools: 360 bi-directional
Tool change time: gle tool/Multitool 3.5 sec./ 0.9 sec.
Max. punch diameter: 3″ (all tool stations)
Max. forming height 0.500″

Programmable parts chute

Max. part size: 8.00″ x 8.00″
Automatic sorting into two containers


Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.004″
Repeatability: +/- 0.0012″

Drive: X/Y/C axis Maintenance-free, digital AC motors
Punching head: Hydraulic with closed loop control
Power Requirements: Electrical 18 kVA
Pneumatic: 95psi
Dimensions: 22′ (L) x 25′ (W) x Height 8′
Weight 25,000 lbs
Technical Data – Control
Basis: BOSCH Type 3
Platform: PC Pentium for Windows NT
Program Storage: 64 MB
Floppy drive 3.5″

Equipped with:

Trumpf Sheetmaster Load and unload system

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