33 Ton Murata Wiedemann Centrum 3500 Turret Punch Press

Manufactured in 2005

Murata Wiedemann Centrum 3500 Turret Punch Press backside

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Centrum Series Turret Punch Press

The Murata Wiedemann Centrum 3500 is the 33 ton and 60″ throat version of the popular Centrum series of mechanical turret punch presses. The Centrum series is known for simple operation, low operating costs and reliability.

Centrum-3500 Specifications

Punching capacity: 30 metric tons
Maximum sheet thickness (Mild Steel): 0.250”
Y-Axis stroke: 75.59”
X-Axis stroke: 80.71”
Maximum sheet size
Without repositioning: 60.04” x 78.74”
With one reposition: 60.04” x 157.48”
With turn over: 72.05” x 157.48”
Throat depth: 63.78”
Maximum allowable sheet weight: 331 lbs.
Hit rate (54 stn)
Punching: 25 mm (0.984”) pitch: 220 HPM (205 HPM: 54 stn)
Nibbling: 475 HPM (390 HPM: 54 stn)
Table speed: 64 m/min (2520 inches per minute)
Punching accuracy: +/- 0.004” (factory spec)
Power supply: 22 KVA
Floor space: 13’11” x 18’8”
Machine height: 7’
Table height: 38.6”
Machine weight: 35,273 lbs.

Equipped with:
Fanuc 16-P control
34 station 4-Auto-Index 114 Style turret

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