33-Ton Prima Power and 3000-Watt Fiber Laser “Combi-Genius” model CG-1530

New in 2018

Fiber laser and turret punch press combination machine


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Turret Punch and Fiber Laser Combination Machine

The Prima Power CG-3015 “Combi-Genius” is a turret punch and fiber laser combination machine. It is equipped with a 3000-watt IPG fiber laser source and 33-ton punch drive. Also, the turret features Multi-Tool capabilities. A Compact Express Loading and Unloading unit completes the system.

Turret Punch Press Specifications

CG1530 combi Genius for 60″ x 120″ sheet format
Standard tool holders, 20 station Thick-Turret style tool holders
Rigid O-frame for stable tool alignment
Indexable Up-forming system including one (1) indexable up-forming holder
Four (4) auto-index holders 1-B, 1-C, 1-Dl, 1-DIF, B-135 Format
Tapping tool
One (1) Complete Multi-tool, upper and lower MT24-8
One (1) MT4-B Index Multi-tool for 135 mm bore with intelligent ram option
Upgrade kit to utilize Wilson or Mate drop in style multi-tool -Activation Only* (currently not active)
Upgrade kit to utilize Mate or Wilson indexable multi-tool -Activation Only (currently not active)
Note: This does not include D auto index holder required for the indexable multi-tool to be utilized and it must be added in separately.
Activation for Wilson Wheel/mate Roller ball
Activation for Mate Sheet Marker/Wilson Scribing tool (excluding tool)
SC/I slug conveyorSC/2 lifting scrap conveyor
Automatic tool lubrication “ATL”
Sheet floating system
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS for Cell Control computer)
Tool ID System
Task loader
Third sheet clamp, Extra clamps
Fourth sheet clamp with individual sheet clamp move
Programmable Clamp Setting
Automatic, Individual clamp move
Automatic Clamping
Sheet distortion sensor
Remote control panel
Easy Loading option with 935 mm table height
Table Height 935 mm for operation without automation module
Op Contact connection type VPN
Upgrade for Intelligent Ram
Performance package Dynamic

Servo Electric Turret Punch Press Ram force 300kN-33 US Ton

Auto-Index system with the max tool rotation speed 250rpn
Positioning speed 127m/min
Nibbling Speed 1000 hits/min
Prices do not include punches and dies or their guides or rigging

Part Removal from Machine
Work Chute 500mm x 500mm for punched parts with part detection

Part Removal for Laser
Laser drop door 300mm x 400mm x 800mm x800mm (11.8″ x 15.7″ & 31.5 x 31.5″)
Including part detection
Laser sorting I (conveyor for manual sorting)

Laser Cutting System Specifications

Laser Resonator: 3000-Watt Fiber Laser Source
Auto focus cutting head, with quick-change lens cassette, focal lengths of 5″, 7.5″
Laser Parameter Manger
External Laser Cooling System
External Exhaust System
Beam path flushing with Nitrogen
Video monitoring
LCS (Lens Conditioning System)

Compact Express Loading and Unloading Unit
Sheet size max. 60″ x 120″ (1500 mm x 3000 mm) (for loading and unloading)
Sheet size min. 19.7 x 11.82″ (500mm x 300mm) X & Y for loading
Sheet size min 1.58″ x 15.76(40mm x 400mm) (for Unloading)Sheet size max 440lbs (200kg)
Ma stack height on loading table 13.79(350mm) (including the pallet); max weight 6614lbs
Max stack height on unloading table 9.85″ (250mm) (scissors table)+ pallet 5.91″ (150mm); max weight 6614lbs (3000kg)Integrated double sheet detector and sheet squaring device

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