33-Ton Amada Vipros 367 Queen Turret Punch Press

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33-Ton Amada Vipros 367 Queen Turret Punch Press opang

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High Speed Hydraulic Turret Punch Press

The Amada Vipros 367 Queen is a high speed hydraulic turret punch press. The Amada Vipros Queen series turret punches is well regarded for its reliability and versatility processing materials up to 1/4″ thick. This Amada Vipros 367 Queen turret punch’s large table and 60″ throat is capable of handling 5′ x 10′ or 12′ sheets. The Fanuc 18P control allows the user greater ram control for running forming tools like the Wilson Wheel

Motion Package Specifications

Travel Method X and Y axes work piece movement
Control Method X, Y, T & C
Drive Motors Fanuc AC Servo (X, Y, T, C)
Maximum Sheet Size 60″ (Y) x 144″ (X) with one repositioning cycle.
Additional support tables are required for material lengths greater than 72”
Maximum Sheet Thickness
Ball Transfer Table 0.250″
Brush Table 0.135″
Maximum Material Weight
Ball Transfer Table 220 lb.
Brush Table 110 lb.
Maximum Axis Travel 72.0″ (X) by 60″ (Y)
Max. Table Speed ( X / Y / Combined ) 2559 ipm / 1968 ipm / 3228 ipm
Punching Accuracy ±0.004″
Positioning Accuracy ±0.001″
Repeatability ±0.001″

Punching System Specifications

Press Capacity 33 Tons
Press Stroke 1.575″
Stroke Rate (X/Y)
Pitch Stroke Stroke Rate
0.079″ 0.118″ 520/420
0.079” 0.236” 360/360
0.315” 0.315” 275/275
1.000″ 0.315″ 275/240
Maximum Hole Diameter 4.500″
Tool Type Amada Thick Turret
Turret Rotation Speed 30 RPM
Feed Clearance 0.787″

Turret Specifications

58 Station 2 Auto Index Thick Style

Fanuc 18PC Controller Specifications

Model Fanuc 18PC (with PHNC)
Control Function X, Y, T & C
Input Method MDI, 3½” Floppy, DNC
Minimum Command Unit 0.001″ (X, Y) .010 (C)
Minimum Travel Unit 0.001″ (X, Y) .010 (C)
Operating Modes Automatic, MDI & Manual
Display Modes Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Parameters, Tool Hit Counter, Self
Diagnostics: Interlock Displays Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Door Open

Equipped with:

Fanuc 18P control
Ball table

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