33 Ton Amada EMLK-3610NT
Turret Punch and Hybrid Laser Combination Machine

Equipped with 4000-watt Fanuc Resonator

Manufactured in 2016


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Punching & Laser Machine

The Amada EMLK-3610NT is a turret punch and hybrid laser combination machine. By combining Amada’s proven servo drive punching system with the reliable hybrid laser featuring a Fanuc 4000-watt resonator; Amada has created a highly productive, flexible and reliable fabricating machine.

EMLK-3610NT Machine Specifications

Tonnage: 33 U.S. tons
Turret configuration: 58 station 4 Auto-Index “king” turret
Motion axis: X,Y,TL,Z,B,T & C
Work area:
X-Axis: 100″ laser, 120″ Punching
Y-Axis: 60″ laser, 72″ punching
Z-AXIS: 14.9″
Maximum thickness: 1/4″ M.S., 1/4″ S.S., 1/4″  Alu.
Maximum work weight: 330 Lbs.
Rapid traverse (Inches per minute)
X-Axis: 3,937
Y-Axis: 3,149
Simultaneous: 5,051
Z-Axis: 2,362
Maximum cutting speeds (Inches per minute)
X-Axis: 780
Y-Axis: 780
Hit rate (Hits per minute)
High speed marking: 1800
1″ Moves: 400
Repeatability: +/- 0.00027″
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.0012″/39.37″
Punching accuracy: +/- 0.004″
Z-Axis sensor: HS-2003
Laser: AF-4000E
Machine weight: 66,139 lbs.

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