25-Ton Trumpf TC-5000R-1600 punching system

Equipped with 5′ x 10′ Sheetmaster load and  unload system
Manufactured in 2006


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The Trumpf TC-5000R

The Trumpf TC-5000R is the faster punching machine in the industry and is Trumpf’s flagship punching model. Like all Trumpf punches, the TC-5000R “auto-indexes” all tools through its rotating punching head. It also uses the rail magazine for fast tool changes. This system is the larger 5′ x 10′ version and equipped with a sheetmaster for maximum productivity.

Machine specification

Frame design: J-frame
Press capacity: 25 tons
Type of punching force: Hydraulic
Maximum material thickness: .31
Number of tool stations: 18 rail mounted
Number and size of auto-index stations; 18 stations 3″ size
Type of tooling: Trumpf
Automatic sheet repositioning: Yes
Type of CNC control: Siemens
Type of clutch and brake: fully hydraulic

Axis Travels

X-Axis travel: 120″
Y-Axis travel: 60″
Throat depth: 60″


Table axis feed rate: 4,600 IPM
Maximum stroke rate
Punching: 1200 HPM
Marking: 2800

Equipped with

5′ x 10′ sheetmaster load and unload system

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