22-Ton Amada Vipros Apelio 2510 Laser Punch Combination Machine

With 2000-Watt Fanuc Resonator (Oscillator)

Manufactured in 2001


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Punching & Laser Cutting Machine

The Amada Vipros Apelio III 2510 is a laser-turret punch combination machine featuring a 22-ton punch drive and 2000 watt laser. Capable of punching or laser cutting up to 1/4″ mild steel, Its 50″ x 100″ table allows processing 4′ x 8′ sheets without auto-repositioning and the Fanuc 160iL control is designed for laser programming. The Apelio 2510 is built on the high speed Vipros 2510 King turret punch press.

Motion Package

Travel Method: X and Y axes work piece movement
Control Method: X, Y, Z, T, B, & C Simultaneous 3 axis control
Drive Motors: Fanuc AC Servo (X, Y, Z, T, B, C)
Maximum Sheet Size: 50″ (Y) x 196″ (X) with one repositioning cycle
Maximum Axis Travel: 50.0″ (Y) x 98.4″ (X) 11.8″ (Z)
Max. Cutting Speed (laser): 590″/min.
Max. Linear Table Speed: 3937 “/min. (X) 3149 “/min. (Y)
Max. Speed – Z-Axis: 1574 “/min.
Positioning Accuracy: 0.002″ / 39.37″
Maximum Work Thickness: 0.250”
Maximum Workpiece Weight
110 LB at F1 (maximum axis speed)
330 LB at F4 (slowest axis speed)

Punching System

Press Capacity: 22 Tons
Max Press Speed: 1000 SPM
Hit Rate
X 340 Y 280 HPM (0.315″ stroke, 1″ move)
X 410 Y 380 HPM (0.315″ stroke, 0.315″ move)
Maximum Hole Diameter: 3.5″ (max punch size – unlimited with laser)
Tool Type: Amada Thick Turret
Turret Rotation Speed: 35 RPM
Auto-Index Speed: 60 RPM (F1, F2)
Turret Capacity: 31 Stations (3 auto-index)
Turret Specification
19 -1/2 ” stations (8 keyed)
6 – 1″ stations (6 keyed)
1 – 2″ station (keyed)
2 – 3″ stations (2 keyed)
2 – 1″ auto-index stations
1 – 2″ auto-index station

CNC Controller

Model: Fanuc 160iL – 32 bit
Control Function: X, Y, Z simultaneous 3 axis, plus Laser Power control (CW, Pulse), T, B & C axes.
Input Method: Floppy Disc, MDI, Edit, DNCMMC Functions: Geometric Input (metric only), Maintenance
Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001″ (X, Y, Z) 0.001 degrees (C)
Operating Modes: Automatic, MDI & ManualDisplay Modes: Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Settings, Parameters,Tool Diameter Compensation, Assist Gas Status, Self-Diagnostics

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