22-Ton Amada AE-2510NT turret punch press
New in 2015

58-station turret and Amada  AMNC-NT control


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Amada AE-2510NT

The Amada AE-2510NT is the latest  22-ton model of  Amada’s popular fully electric series servo drive turret punch presses. Like all servo-drive punches, the AE series is well know for its productivity and reliability.

Machine specifications:

Tonnage: 20 metric/ 22 U.S. tons
Press drive system: Single motor AC servo drive
Maximum stroke length: 1.65″
Maximum material thickness
Standard brush table: 0.12″
Optional high density brush table: 0.25″
Travel range: 50″ x 98.4″
Maximum feed rate
X axis: 3,150 inches per minute
Y axis: 2,362 inches per minute
Maximum material weight:
F1 (high speed): 110 lbs.
F4 (low speed): 331 lbs.
Maximum hit rate
X axis: 350 hits per minute (1″ pitch at 0.118″ stroke)
Y axis: 280 hits per minute (1″ pitch at 0.118″ stroke)
Punching accuracy: +/- 0.004″ (+/- 0.002″ in fine accuracy mode)
Turret rotation speed: 30 RPM
Auto-Index rotation speed: 60 RPM
NC Control: AMNC/PC “NT”
Power requirements: 19 kVA
Maximum air consumption: 750 NI/min.
Mass of machine: 28,660 lbs.

Turret specifications:

Layout Pattern: 58 stations 2 Auto-Index
Maximum tool size: E (4 1/2″)
Number of type A (1/2″) Stations: 36
Number of type B (1-1/4″) Stations: 12
Number of type C (2″) Stations: 4
Number of type D (3 1/2″) Stations: 2
Number of type G (1-1/4″) Auto-Index stations: 2

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