90 Ton x 8′ LVD Strippit model PPED-8025 press  brake
Manufactured  in July of 2019

Includes Graphical 15′ Touch-B  control and 4-Axis backguage, LAZERSAFE system


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The LVD Strippit  PPED-8025 press brake

The PPED-8025  press brake is an entry  level precision brake equipped  with features to produce precision bends. Features included  are  a touch screen CNC control, 4-axis backgauge, LAZERSAFE safety system and precision Wilson tooling.


Pressing  force (US  Tons): 90
Working  length: 98″
Distance  between uprights: 80″
Stroke: 7.8″
Distance  table/ram: 19.6″
Gap: 7.8″
Approach speed (in/min): 307
Working speed (in/min): 24
Return speed (in/min): 236
Motor: 7.5
Oil: 40

Equipped  with:

Wilson-LVD style tooling
Wilson Tooling package
4-axis backgauge (X,R, Z1 and Z2)
Graphical 15″ Touch-B control