35 Ton Amada RG-3512LD Press Brake

Manufactured in March of 1999

Installed new by Amada in September of 2000

35 Ton Amada RG-3512LD Press Brake - Back

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Amada RG Press Brake

The Amada RG LD press brake series combines the proven Amada RG press brake with a simple user friendly control and backgauge. This machine is a RG-3512-LD with a 4′ bed perfect for bending small parts.

Machine Specifications

Maximum bend length: 49.21”
Press capacity: 39 US tons
Vertical stroke of lower beam: 3.937”
Rising speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 2.992”
Bending speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 0.520”
Lowering speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 1.575”
Number of cylinders: 1
Hydraulic unit tank capacity, (US Gal): 10
Machine weight (US Tons): 2.0

Numerical controls

Position command method: Absolute value method
Number of controlled axes: 2 Axes (D, L)
Input method
D axis: Teaching with HANDWHEEL, and data entry with numeric keys (MDI mode)
L axis: Data entry with numeric keys
Least input increment
D axis: 0.0004 in.
L axis: 0.001in.
Display method: 7-segment LED
Position detection
D axis: Encoder
L axis: Encoder
Memory capacity: 99 steps in L-ONLY mode and 99 steps in MDI mode or 198 steps in total
Drive method
D axis: 200-w DC motor
L axis: 200-w DC motor
Origin setup
D axis: Tool origin set by aligning tools
L axis: Origin automatically set ORIGIN START button
Alarm display: Operational mistake and error are displayed by number
Ambient temperature: 32 to 104 degrees F
Ambient humidity: Maximum of 75% (relative humidity) without dew condensation


Feed rate
D Axis: 0.01 to 0.60 in. /sec
L Axis: 590.55 in. /min
Travel range
D Axis: 0 to 3.937 in.
L Axis: 0 to 19.685 in.
Stopper height: 1.969 to 7.087 in.
Positioning accuracy
D axis: +/- 0.0004 in.
L axis: +/- 0.0060 in.

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