250-Ton Toyokoki Model HYB-2504 Hybrid Press Brake

8-Axis CNC Control and 5-Axis Backgauge

New in 2003

250-Ton Toyokoki Model HYB-2504 Hybrid Press Brake

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Toyokoki’s HYB Series Machine

The Toyokoki HYB-2504 is a 250 ton x 4-meterĀ  CNC press brake. All of Toyokoki’s HYB series machines feature a Hybrid hydraulic-servo drive system for ultra high precision bending and greater reliability. This machine is equipped with a 8-axis CNC control and 5-axis backgauge.


Press Brake Specifications

Model: 40
Bending Capability (ton): 250
Table Length (mm): 4000
Distance Between Frames (mm): 3550
Table width (mm): 210
Open Height (mm): 390
Table Height (mm): 910
Depth (mm): 1760
Gap Depth (mm): 400
Height on the Floor (mm): 3315
Buried Depth on the Floor (mm): 1540
Ram Stroke (mm): 250
Ram Tilting Stroke (mm): 5
Backgauge Tilting Stroke (mm): 40
Adjustable Stroke (mm): 250


Downward (mm/s) 1~95
Bending (mm/s) 0.1~13
Upward (mm/s) 2~174
Main AC Servomotor (Kw): 5.5×2
Power Supply Capacity (KVA): 30
Power Supply Cable: (mm2): 30
Press Brake Weight (Ton): 21

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