242 Ton x 167″ Amada HFE-2204/7 “Down-acting” press brake
Manufactured in 2004

Equipped with 7-Axis CNC Operateur control and backgauge



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The Amada HFE press brake

The Amada HFE press brake is the upgraded replacement to Amada’s popular HFB series. Like the HFB, it is a versatile “down acting” press brake with a large distance between housings, large throat depth and sectionalized punch holders. It features a unique composite lower bed to insure parallel deflection regardless of bending tonnage and is equipped with an upgraded version of the Operatuer CNC control that allows for operators to program in depth, angle and 3-D graphic angle. The machine has also been upgraded and is faster than the previous HFB machines.

System specifications: Hydraulic press brake

Capacity: 242 U.S. Tons
Bed length: 168″
Maximum stroke length: 7.8″
Open height: 18.5″
Throat depth: 16.5″
Distance between side frames: 148″
Ram repeatability: +/- 0.0004″
Approach speed: 7.87 inches per second
Bending speed: 0.04 to 0.787 inches per second, programmable
Return Speed: 0.04 to 7.87 inches per second, programmable
Overall machine length: 193.7″
Machine width: 68.5″
Machine height: 119.25″
Hydraulic oil capacity: 92 gallons
Machine weight; 37,700 punds
Machine power: 35.5 KW
Foundation: 6″ concrete slab


Model: Amada Type B
X-axis” +/- 0.0004″
Movement range
X-axis: 27.5/37.5″
R-axis: 9.84″
Z-axis: 137″
R-axis: 6.2″
Z-axis: 39.3″
Minimum command unit: 0.0001 inch

CNC Controller

Model: Amada OPERATEUR
Axes of control:
7 standard
Y1Y2 Ram depth
X1X2 backgauge
Z1Z2 horizontal finger position of two stoppers
R vertical finger position of two stoppers
Input method: Keyboard, 3.5″ diskette and RS232
Display: 12″ Color VGA:
Program storage: 60 in active memory plus 30 on diskette
Bends per program: 25
Die library: 70 dies
Punch library: 30 punches

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