Safan E-Brake Model 200-4100 Servo Electronic Press Brake

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Manufactured in 2012


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Fully Electric Press Brake

The Safan E-Brake 200-4100 is a 220 ton x 4 meter fully electric press brake. As a fully electric press brake, the Safan E-Brake uses less electricity and requires no hydraulic oil. Also, it is equipped with a user friendly 6-Axis touch screen  CNC control and 4-axis backgauge.

System Specifications

Maximum US Tonnage: 220
Maximum working length: 161”
Maximum daylight Q. standard for NS (without upper tool adapter/table): 23.22”
Maximum stroke upper beam: 11.81”
Repeat accuracy upper beam: +/- 0.0004”
Maximum correction Y1-Y2: programmable: +/- 0.1”
Maximum fast approach speed with option light guard: 177”
Maximum bending speed: 48 inches per minute
Return speed: 177 inches per minute
Maximum back gauge speed: 710 inches per minute
Maximum back gauge travel distance: 23.62”
Maximum reach back gauge (second stop): 24.6”
Maximum reach back gauge (third stop): 43.3”
Repeatability; back gauge: +/- 0.001”
Weight: 36,960 lbs.
Machine length: 211”
Machine width: 84”
Machine height during transport: 114”
Main supply voltage: 3/N/PE 60Hz-V22kW

EC20 Control

-On swivel arm, adjustable in height, including keyboard
-EC Progiler 2D bend simulation with auto bend sequence calculation
-Viewer for graphic AutoPol and Radan files
Y1/Y2 axis, CNC controlled
X-axis, CNC controlled
R-axis, CNC controlled
Z1 + Z2 axis, manual adjustable
Safety light guard, CNC controlled

Equipped With:

-Servo electronic press brake type SAFAN E-Brake 200-4100. X-axis, CNC controlled. Y1/Y2 axis, CNC controlled

-SAFAN EC3-control with graphical bending simulation

-Safety light guard, CNC programmable, fixed, vertical assembled in machine cover. Incl. 1T/2T mode and floating blanking function (< 1″ ) with auto mute. Max. bending speed 0.4″/sec

-Central R axis, programmable height adjustment of the backgauge beam. Stroke 8″

-Extra Backgaugefinger, Z0, hinging, manual adjustment on the left hand side of the Z1 stop

-Extra Backgaugefinger, Z3, hinging

-Table type OB/S-3, incl. adjustment key, with clamping bolts M12, dimensions: 3.75×2.36×160.6 inches

-Set of movable front sheet support arms with handwheel adjustment in height, incl. ruler and T-slots. Stroke4″. Length arm L=40″, max. load per arm: 330lb

-Comes Standard with Top tool adapter European Style, L= 161″, with 20 segmented intermediate beams and clamping plates with safety adaptation

Also we can add on a new WILA new standard upper Hydraulic clamp NSCL-I-HC/UPB x 4080   complete with Hydraulic pump installed prior to shipment for an additional $16,000

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