187 Ton x 14′ Strippit LVD 170/40 CNC press brake
New in 2004

Equipped with CADMAN CNC control and 5-Axis Backgauge


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The Strippit-LVD PPEB -170/40 is a 187 ton x 14′ CNC press brake. This machine is  designed for precision bending of a wide variety of parts, and is equipped with a CADMAN CNC Control and 5-axis backgauge to aide in accurate bending. In addition to the CNC control and backguage, optional Wila Hydraulic clamping reduces set up time.

Machine  specifications:
Tonnage: 170 Metric tons
Bending length: 4000.00 mm
Distance between housings: 3150 mm
Throat: 400 mm
Vertical stroke: 250 mm
Working speed: 200 mm
Motor power: 22 kW
Weight: ~ 46K lbs.

Equipped with:
5-Axis CNC backgauge
Wila New Standard Clamping

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