165-Ton HACO model “Press Master 165-12-10 CNC press brake
New in 2019

Equipped with 5-Axis backgauge, Hydraulic clamping and Crowning


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The HACO Press Master 165-12-10 press brake

The HACO Press Master series is HACO’s top of the line precision press brake. It features top level specs like increased press and backgauge speeds, plus additional open height and stoke. All features to increase productivity. This machine is equipped with a 5-axis backgauge, WILA style hydraulic clamping and Crowning.

Technical data:

Model: 165-12-10
Bending length: 144″
Capacity: 165 Ton
Distance between housings: 124″
Gap: 15.75″
Daylight opening: 21.25″
Stroke: 14.56″
Table height: 36″
Fast approach speed: 472 inches per minute
Maximum bending speed: 23.60 inches per minute
Fast return speed: 401 inches per minute
Motor power: 20HP
Machine length: 163″
Machine width: 67″
Height: 117″
Weight: 26,455 lbs.

5-Axes Backgauge Data

Axes: X,R, Z1-Z2 plus X3 Axes
Synchronized CNC controlled finger depth: X-axis
Synchronized CNC  controlled finger height: R-axis
Independent CNC Controlled finger width: Z1-Z2

Synchronized CNC  controlled finger depth of one finger: X3
Stroke X-axis: 800 mm
Speed: X-axis: 1000 mm per second
Stroke R-axis: 130 mm
Speed R-axis: 250 mm per second
Stroke Z1-Z2 axes are according to machine length
Speed Z-Z2 axes: 1000 mm per second
Stroke X3-axis: -50 mm to + 50mm
*Equipped with “break” fingers for perfect gauging  of work  pieces placed an angle or 3D components

Equipped with:

Wila New Standard PRO hydraulic clamping
CNC New Standard PRO crowning
Fast and Accurate backgauge
Bend zone and back gauge illumination
Variable inverter drive
SYNCHRO system (electro-hydraulic leveling and  depth  stop)
Beam foot  pedal
FastBEND 3D MT  premium 24” control

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