135 Ton x 12′ Overall Cincinnati Maxform model 135 MX-10
Manufactured in 2007, Generation 5 control upgrade in 2018

Equipped with 6-Axis CNC control and backgauge and programmable crowning


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The Cincinnati MAXFORM

The Cincinnati Maxform is Cincinnati’s most advanced and productive press brake. That is to say, higher speeds equal more productivity and this series features exception ram and backgauge speeds. Secondly, this Cincinnati Maxform features a 6-axis backgauge and auto-crowning. Third, the current owner upgrade the control in 2018 to the latest Cincinnati control. In conclusion, this machine offers extreme productivity with Cincinnati’s legendary reliability.

Machine specifications

Model: 135MX10
Clear distance between the housings: 10′-6 3/4″
Total overall die surface: 12′
Air bending capacity-mild steel: 10-gauge x 13’-6” over 1 1/8 vee or ¼” x 7’-6” over 2” vee
Maximum speed at full tonnage: 55 inches per minute
Maximum tonnage at  full forming speed: 135 tons
Standard stroke length: 8”
Throat clear from center of dies: 7”
Open height: 21”
Closed height: 7”
Maximum stroke: 14”
High approach: 700 inches per minute
Variable forming: 1 to 55 inches per minute
Variable return: 1 to 540 inches per minute
Motor horsepower: 25
Domestic shipping weight (approximate lbs.): 20,800 lbs.

Backgauge specifications

Front-to-back: 0-24”
Positioning speed: 1200 inches per minute
Positing accuracy: +/- 0.001”
Positioning repeatability: +/- 0.001”
Height range: 8”
Low position: 0.5-8.5”
High position: 3.25”-11.25”
Over the top position: 5”-13”
Positioning speed: 300 inches per minute
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.005”
Positioning repeatability: +/- 0.003”
Left-to-right range: varies based on machine length
Positioning  speed: 3000 inches per minute
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.015”
Positioning repeatability: +/- 0.015”

Equipped with:

2018 Cincinnati control upgrade, Generation 5 control
6-Axis CNC backgauge
Programmable auto crown
Extra stroke (14″)
Selection of Wilson Tooling

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