6000-Watt Bytronic BySpeed Pro 3015 Laser system
Manufactured in 2012

With ByTrans 3015 Load and Unload system


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The Bystronic BySpeed Pro series is the latest and most advanced of Bystronic’s high speed “Byspeed” line of CO2 laser systems. This BySpeed Pro laser is equipped with the ByLaser 6000 watt resonator for additional cutting capacity and excellent cut quality across a wide range of material thicknesses. Like other ByLaser 6000 watt lasers, it will excel at cutting stainless steel with nitrogen and the additional power will help with aluminum as well. Also, the ByTrans load/unload automation maximizes this machine productivity.

Technical Data:

Nominal sheet size
X: 3000 mm
Y: 1500 mm
Cutting area
X: 3048 mm (120”)
Y: 1534 mm (60”)
Z: 100 mm (3.90”)
Maximum positioning speed parallel axis X,Y: 120 m/min
Maximum positioning speed simultaneous: 169 m/min
Maximum axis acceleration: 30 m/s2
Positioning accuracy Pa: +/- 0,1 mm
Repeatability Ps: +/-0,05 mm
Edge detection accuracy +/- 0,5 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 890 kg
Machine weight (approximate): 20,000 kg
Foundation: normal, reinforced industrial floor according to assembly plan
Cutting heads: 5” and 7.5”
Cutting gas consumption: depending on material
Operation via panel: with 15” touch screen, keyboard and manual control unit
Disk drives: DVD-RW, USD 2.0
Network connection: RI45 connection 10/100 Mbit/s
ByVision control: Standard

Laser source

Resonator model: ByLaser 6000
Power: 6000 watts
Wavelength; 10.6 microns
Polartzation: Circular
Pulse frequency: 1-2500 Hz
Maximum sheet thicknesses
Steel: 25 mm
Stainless steel: 25 mm
Aluminum: 15 mm
Total electrical consumption of system: 78 kW

Equipped with:

Bytrans 3015 load and unload system
Dust collector

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