4500-Watt Mitsubishi ML-3015LVPlusII laser with 45CF-R Resonator, New in 2011

Approximately 12K discharge hours as of 8/21


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LVP Series Laser

The Mitsubishi LVP series is the “workhorse” of Mitsubishi’s laser line known for reliability, while still a very productive laser cutting system. This machine is a ML-3015LVPlusII, which is a 5′ x10′ shuttle table laser and the plus-2 is the latest of the LVP line. It is also equipped with the 4500-watt CF-R resonator, which is the same resonator offered today on Mitsubishi’s CO2 lasers.

Machine Specifications

Machine structure: Precision rack and pinion, direct drive
Travel drive method: X,Y, Z simultaneous 3 axes
Control method: X,Y, Z simultaneous 3 axis control
X-Axis stoke: 122.05”
Y-Axis stroke: 61.02”
Z-Axis Stroke: 3.54”
Maximum work piece size: 120.08” x 60.04”
Maximum processing feed rate: 1180 inches per minute
Maximum workpiece weight: 2050 lbs.
Table pass height: 33.5”
Rapid travel speed
Single axis: 3345 inches per minute
Simultaneous: 4730 inches per minute
Minimum command input: 0.001mm/.0001”
Drive motor type: intelligent AC servo
Machine unit dimensions: 418.5” L x 90.6” H x 183” W
Total system weight: 26,325 lbs.
Pallet change time: Approximately 25 seconds
Pallet changer weight: 4500 lbs.
Pallet changer drive mechanism: chain
Installation dimensions: 473.4” x 227.7”
Floor space requirement: 750 sq. ft.
Electrical requirements: 208 VAC +/- 5%, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Motion system, CNC control: 71 KVA (Total machine usage)
Laser resonator: 202 (Full load Amps)

CNC Controller Specifications

Model: Mitsubishi LC20BP2
Type: Self contained-simple dust proof design (mounted on processing machine)
CPU: 64 Bit
Display unit: 10.4” TFT color LCD touch screen
Hard disc drive capacity: 2.0 GB
Program memory capacity, standard: 5000m/approximately 2 MB with 400 register able programs

CO2 Laser Control

Power control: Output power, frequency duty
Operation control: Shutter open/close, beam on/off. Laser gas change, etc…
Processing machine control
Drive method: X,Y, Z (Simultaneous control)
Position detection: encoder
Minimum command unit: .001mm/.0001”
Program input method: 3.5” floppy, computer link, Ethernet LAN
Operation method: Memory operation, HD direct drive

Laser Resonator Specifications

Model: Mitsubishi 45CF-R
Excitation method: 3-axis cross flow, SD
Control method: power feedback
Power stability: +/- 1 %
Beam mode: Low-order (main component TEM01)
Beam outer diameter: 1.02”
Beam divergence: Approximately 3.5” or less (total angle)
Wave length: 10.6 microns
Frequency setting range: 10~3000 Hz
Duty range: 0~100 % adjustable
Output power adjustable range: 0~100% of rating
Resonator unit dimensions: 98.4” long x 71.3” High x 31.5” wide
Resonator unit weight: 4850 lbs
Rated output power (CW): 4500 watts
Composition (CO2:CO:N2:He): 8:4:60:28
Consumption amount: 3 liters per hour
Gas sealing time: 24 hours during continuous oscillation

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