4500-Watt Mitsubishi ML-3015eX CO2 laser cutting system
Manufactured in 2010

Total “Power On” are 33,739 Hours as of 6/2020
Auto Op (Acc.) Hours are 17,971 as of 6/2020

And Optional Tower Material storage system


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Mitsubishi ML-3015eX Laser

The Mitsubishi ML-3015eX is the most current CO2 laser in Mitsubishi’s line of high performance laser cutting machines. It is the successor to the popular LVP series and continues its tradition of reliability, but with more productivity thanks to a faster motion system and updated features. If you are looking for a top of the line CO2 laser system, this is the best Mitsubishi laser you can buy.

Processing Machine Specifications

Machine structure: X/Y Precision Rack & Pinion – Z=precision ball screw
Travel drive method: X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axes (Z-axis height control is also possible)
Maximum workpiece size: 120.1 x 60.0
Table pass height: 34.6
Processing access: Automatic up/down door
Pallet changer: Provided
X-axis stroke: 122
Y-axis stroke: 61
Z-axis stroke: 5.9
Rapid travel speed (X,Y) inches per minute: 3940/5550 simultaneous
Maximum processing federate, inches per minute: 1970
Positioning precision: 0.0019/20 (X,Y), 0.0039/4 (Z)
Drive motor  type: Intelligent AC servo
Maximum workpiece weight: 2050 lbs.

Control System Specifications:

CPU: 64-bit
Display screen: 15” TFT color LCD touch screen
Hard disk: 20.0 GB
Generator output control: Output power, frequency, duty
Generator operation control: Beam on/off, laser gas charge, etc.
Drive system: X,Y,Z simultaneous control
Position detection system: Encoder
Minimum command input: 0.001 mm / 0.001”
Program input system: USB Computer Link, ethernet LAN

Pallet Changer Specifications:
Drive mechanism: Chain
Pallet  change time (Sec.): Approximate 30
Work clamps: 2 sets on Y Axis
Pallet  capacity: 2050  lbs.
Applicable machine size: 3015 (5’ x 10’)

CO2 Laser specifications- 45CF-R

Excitation method: 3-axis cross flow, silent discharge
Maximum output  power: 4500-watts
Rated output power: 4500-watts
Control method: Power feedback
Power stability: Less than +/- 1 % of rated power
Beam mode: Low-order
Beam outer diameter: 1.02
Beam divergence (mrad): Approximately 3.5 of less total angle
Las gas composition (CO2:CO:N2:He): 8:4:60:28
Laser gas consumption rate (liter/hour): 24 during continuous oscillation
Wave length: 10.6 microns
Frequency setting range: 10~3000 Hz
Duty range: 0~100 percent adjustable
Output power  adjustable range: 0~100 percent

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