4000-Watt CL-440 CO2 laser cutting system

Manufactured in 2013 with only 11,000 hours as of 10/2020


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The Cincinnati CL-440 is a 4000-watt CO2 laser. This machine features a high-speed linear drive system, 5′ x 10′ shuttle table, PRC resonator and Cincinnati CNC control. Also, it is in excellent shape and has low hours for its age. In short, this is a great machine for a customer looking to add a late model CO2 laser.

Laser specifications

440 Laser: CO2 Fast axial flow
Maximum power: 4000-watts


Rapid X and Y axes: 8,500 inches per minute
Simultaneous: X-Y: 12,020 inches per minute
Z-axis: 1,700 inches per minute
Maximum cutting: 7,200 inches per minute

Acceleration of cutting head
X-axis: 1.65g
Y-axis: 1.65g
Simultaneous: X-Y: 20g
Z-axis: 2.9g

Travel and Workpiece dimensions

Machine travel  limits
X-axis: 121″
Y-axis: 61″
Z-axis: 10″

Workpiece dimensions (maximum)
X-axis: 120″
Y-axis: 60″
Z-axis (above each pallet): 1.5″ (Function (box cutting), Z-travel is 8″ above lower pallet)
Workpiece maximum weight: 2,292  lbs.


Absolute positioning X and  Y axes: +/- 0.001″
Repeatability: X and  Y axes: 0.001″
Contouring X and Y axes: 0.003″ (maximum out of round 1″ dia. Hole @ 600 inches per minute)

Dimensions and requirements

Floor dimensions-Length x width x height (approximate): 395″ x 183″ x 107″
Machine weight: 36,750 lbs.
Assist gas pressure range: 5-400 psig
Ambient temperature range: 50 degrees to 105 degrees F
Chiller (resonator, optics, motors, head): 37-gal-Distilled water (17 gal Downtherm SR1&Water)

Fume system

Duct  opening ID: 20.38″
Recommended air flor @3/4 static: 4,500 scfm@ 0.75  static

Compressed air requirements

Air purge: 780 scfh@ 80-140 psig
Maximum temperature: 100 degree F
Maximum oil/water content: 0.01 OZ/hr
Dewpoint: 40 degrees F

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