4000-Watt Amada LC-3015F1 Co2 Laser
Manufactured in 2010

Only ~ 24K total hours as of 10/21


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Amada LC-3015F1 NT Laser

The Amada LC-3015F1 NT  laser cutting system features a true 3-axis linear drive system for maximum speed and accuracy. In addition to the high speed drive system, the F1 series is also equipped with a variety of features to increase productivity.  Amada’s “Twin Adaptive Optic” feature to switch material thicknesses without changing the lens. Other features include Pierce detection, which ensures material is pierced before the laser begins cutting while also saving time as it starts cutting as soon as the material is pierced rather than at a set time. This laser features the Fanuc 4000-watt resonator for cutting up to 1″ mild, 1/2″ stainless and 3/8″ aluminum.

Basic Specifications

CNC unit: AMNC-F 32 bit
Laser oscillator: Fanuc AF4000i-B
Carriage and laser shuttle table (LST) travel
Y Axis: 61″
X Axis: 129″
Maximum work area: 121″ x 61″ x 3.94″
Maximum sheet size: 120″ x 60″
Maximum worksheet weight: 2028 lbs.
Z-Axis motion (laser cutting head): 3.94″
Maximum positioning speed (Rapid)
X Axis: 4724 IPM
Y Axis: 4724 IPM
Z Axis: 4724 IPM
Simultaneous X Axis + Y Axis: 6681 IPM
Maximum cutting speed: 0-2360 IPM
Accuracy: +/- .002″

Laser Production Cutting Specifications for Fanuc AF4000i-B Oscillator

CW Power: 4000 watts
Peak pulse power: 5000 watts
Maximum material thickness (not to exceed weight limitation of cutting table)
Carbon steel: 0.875″
Stainless steel: 0.500″ “CleanCut”
Aluminum: 0.375″
Equipped with:
Shuttle tables
Twin Adaptive Optic (eliminates lens change when switching material thickness)
WACS (Water Assist Cutting System)
Piece detection / Process monitoring

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