2000-Watt Mazak Space Gear model SG-48

5-Axis laser cutting system is Only ~24K total hours as of 8/2020! Originally Manufactured in 1999


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The Mazak Spacegear

The Mazak Space Gear 48 is a 4′ x 8′ table CO2 laser with true 5-axis cutting capability. Like all Space Gear lasers, this machine features a hybrid motion system with an articulated cutting head, but with an additional rotary axis for cutting tube and bar stock.


Date Manufactured: September 1999
X-axis stroke: 109.3″
Y-axis stroke: 50.0″
Z-axis stroke: 14.6″
A-axis stroke: +/- 345 degrees
B-axis stroke: +/- 135 degrees
Maximum workpiece size: 98.4″ x 49.2″ x 0.63″
Maximum load capacity: 860 Lbf
Voltage 3-phase: 230~460 Volts
Rated laser output: 2000-watts
Laser model: CO2 Laser YB-L200B 7M8
NC Unit: Mazak and Fanuc L-64
Machine weight: 27,557 Lbf

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