8000-Watt Mitsubishi ML-3015 eX-F80 Fiber laser
Manufactured in 2018

“Power on” hours are 11,092 as of 6/2020
And “Beam o” hours are Only 3,656 as of 6/2020
Equipped with Zoom head and optional material storage system


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The Mitsubishi ML-3015eX-F80 is an 8000-watt fiber laser cutting system. All Mitsubishi eX lasers are know for their reliable motion system and high-speed helical rack and pinion drive. This machine combines that drive system with an 8000-watt IPG fiber resonator (source) for a proven design and equipped it with the new zoom head for cutting thin to thick materials. Also, there is an optional material storage tower connected to the system.


Model: 3015eX-F
Machine  structure: X/Y Precision Rack & Pinion, Z=Precision  ball screw
Travel drive method: X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axes (Z axis height  control also  possible)
Maximum workpiece size: 120.1” x 60”
Table pass height: 34.6”
Processing access: Powered manual door
Pallet changer: Provided (automation ready)
X-axis stroke: 122”
Y-axis stroke: 61”
Z-axis stroke: 5.9”
Rapid travel speed (X,Y): 3940 single axis, 5550 simultaneous
Maximum processing federate: 3937 inches per  minute
Positioning precision: 0.0019/20
Drive motor type: Intelligent AC servo
Maximum workpiece weight: 2050 lbs.
Machine  unit dimensions: 408.3” Long x 88.6” High x 115.2” Wide
Machine  system weight: 28,090 lbs.

Equipped with:

8000-watt IPG fiber resonator/engine
Adjustable M800 19” Smooth Operation Control
Improve productivity with a new control device
One Button Press Automatic Safety Door
Two high pressure assist gas ports
All in one head design
HPP Pierce technology
Autofocus Focal Range from 3.75 – 10 inches
No lens cleaning required
No cartridge changes
Reduced Nozzle centering
The Industry’s best magnetic breakaway Fiber head
Manipulate the Beam Mode to cut thin and thick material automatically


*Mitsubishi Electric’s all-new ADVANCE 800 series control features a 19-inch touchscreen and many updated features to increase cutting speeds and productivity
*The standard 19inch touch screen provides Smartphone like intuitive operation
*Now has keyboard and mouse for added control
*Multilanguage capability enhances ease of use for machine operators across the shop floor
*New Dashboard function and Remote diagnosis functionalities are available
*Processing speed up to 100m per min (up from 50)
*Customizable Home Page and Status bar using Shortcut Icons. This means fewer button presses to perform the same process.
*On Button Safety Door operation
*Expanded cutting condition library with more condition lines and piercing options. There are now 20 conditions lines.
*Easy condition and program search
*Updated production Schedule for standalone machines
*Edit up to two programs at once.
*Expanded Maintenance and Help Screens
*Improved process time on small geometry intensive parts due to better acceleration and deceleration.
 *The Advanced Dross Reduction Control increases cutting speed in tight geometry’s and holes
*New 5 color light tower. Shows operational status and part-time remaining.
*Windows 8e
*The number of usable programs is now 1000. (was 400)
*Double the Ram over the 700
*The machine now has two 3.0 MPA high-pressure gas ports
*New Height Sensing capability has significantly increased cutting speed in lighter gauge materials
*Pierce detection is standard, which allows for the machine to change material thicknesses without sacrificing cut quality and process time
*Secure single action door –opening and closing and operator favorite


Zoom Head
Scrap Drawers for P7 pallet  changer (Includes shooters and two  drawers
* Available with 2011 Mitsubishi 11-12 pallet tower system with 1 over/under unload

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