6000-Watt Trumpf Trulaser 3060 Fiber

Manufactured in 2018

Equipped with 8′ x 20′ shuttle tables and 6000-Watt Trudisk solid state resonator


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Trumpf Trulaser 3060

The Trumpf Trulaser 3060 fiber is the large table fiber laser version of what is likely the worlds most popular and proven laser system, the Trumpf 3000 series. This machine’s huge 8′ x 20′ shuttle tables and 6000 watt Trudisk solid state fiber resonator are designed to handle the biggest jobs with the Trumpf 3000 series legendary reliability and productivity. Like most 3000 series machines, this system is prepped for automation.

TruLaser 3060 fiber (L81)

Standard configuration

  • Working range in 6000 x 2500 mm
  • Closed machine
  • Integrated cabinet
  • Automatic pallet changer in longitudinal direction
  • Gantry drive in combination with direct linear drives
  • Enclosed beam delivery via laser light cable
  • Chiller for machine and laser cooling (water air)
  • Integrated electrical cabinets
  • Conveyor belt for small parts / slug
  •  Work area lighting
  • Positioning laser diode
  • Spray device
  • PierceLine
  • FocusLine
  • NitroLine
  • PlasmaLine
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Machine status lamp

Technical Data: Machine

Length: 15700 mm
Width: 6800 mm
Height: 2280 mm
Maximum Speed
Simultaneous: 170 m/min
Working Range:
X Axis: 6000 mm
Y Axis: 2500 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 3000 kg

TRUMPF laser

  • External solid-state laser TruDisk 6001 with 1 laser output
  • Excitation by pumping diodes
  • Laser power control

Laser Specific data-Trudisk 6001

Maximum laser power: 6000-watts
Maximum sheet thickness-mild steel: 25 mm
Maximum sheet thickness-stainless: 25 mm
Maximum sheet thickness-aluminum: 25 mm
Maximum sheet thickness-copper: 10 mm
Maximum sheet thickness-brass: 10 mm
Consumption values
Average power input production: 18 kW

Equipped with:

TruDisk 6001 Solid State laser
-Highspeed and performance package fusion cut
Automatic nozzle changer
Highspeed Ecu cutting  package
Drop and cut HD camera
Automatic pallet changer
Gantry drive in combination with direct linear drive for cutting head
Work area lighting
Spray device
Right hand installation
Cleaning  brush
Dot matrix code capable
MDA interface with status stack light
Wireless operation point and Mobile control App
Interface for Liftmaster Linear

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