4000-Watt Mitsubishi ML-3015NX-F40 Fiber laser
Manufactured in 2015

Equipped with Mitsubishi FSC03015 FX Load and unload system


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The Mitsubishi ML-3015NX-F40 fiber laser is a high speed fiber laser cutting system based on the popular Mitsubishi NX series laser. The 4000-watt IPG  fiber resonator (source) is capable of processing a wide range of materials. This system is equipped with a FSC3015 FX load and unload system to maximize productivity.

Machine structure: Precision rack and pinion with linear Z-axis
Travel drive method: X,Y,Z simultaneous 3 axes
Control method: X,Y, and Z simultaneous 3 axis control
X-Axis stroke: 125.98”
Y-Axis stroke: 62.99”
Z-Axis stroke: 4.7”
Maximum work piece size: 120” x 60”
Maximum processing feed rate: 2360 inches per minute
Maximum work piece weight: 3660 lbs.
Table pass height: 33.5”
Rapid travel speed
Single axis; 4724 inches per minute
Simultaneous: 6680 inches per minute
Minimum command input: .001 mm/.0001”
Drive motor type: Intelligent AC servo
Pallet change time: approximately 35 seconds
Pallet changer drive mechanism: chain
Laser Oscillator/resonator (Fiber laser source)
Excitation method: Ytterbium Doped fiber
Control method: Power feedback
Wave length: 1.07 micron
Frequency range: 100-3000 Hz
Duty range: 5-100 percent
Output power range: 5-100 percent
Rated power output: 4000 watts
Electrical requirements: Motions system control and oscillator: 208 VAC +/- 10-% to  5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 23 kVA (total machine usage) 63 (full load Amps)

Equipped with:
Mitsubishi FSC03015FX load/unload system
Dust collector

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