4000-Watt Optiplex 3015 DDL Direct Diode Fiber Laser

With LASERFLEX-3015 Automatic Loading/unloading Automation

Manufactured 2016/7

Hours as of 12/19: 
CNC Power On time 7285
Laser Power On time 5283
Auto Operation time 2173
Auto Cutting time 1915
Cutting time 1255


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Mazak Optiplex 3015 DDL

The Mazak Optiplex 3015 DDL is a 4000-watt Direct Diode laser cutting system. Direct Diode lasers are the latest technology in solid state (fiber) laser cutting with higher wall plug efficiencies and improved cut quality and cutting speeds across a variety of materials. This system is Mazak’s top of the line laser cutting system combining their exclusive direct diode technology with the proven Optiplex motion system and a complete load/unload system.

Pallet Specifications

Maximum work piece weight per pallet: 2050 lbs.
Maximum loading height of work piece: 1.18”
Maximum work piece size X-Y: 60” x 120.1”
Work piece reference: 2 reference stops or Laser edge find
Number of pallets: 2
Shuttle time to swap pallets: 25 seconds Maximum
Work table support: Knife edge slats – 2.0” pitch
Light curtain safety barrier: Fixed outside the pallet zone OSHA/ANSI compliant

Laser Generator 4.0 KW

Manufacturer: Mazak DDL
Model: 4000 watts
Generator style: Direct Diode Laser
Cabinet enclosure: Nema 12 air conditioned sealed cabinet
CW output power: 4000 watts
Power stability: +/- 2 %
Laser wave length: 0.97 microns
Laser power mode selection: CW, pulsed

Chiller System

Reservoir: 47 gallons US
Circuit cooled: Torch, laser

Material Processing Range

Mild steel 02: 1.00”
Mild steel N2: 0.320”
Stainless steel N2: 0.750”
Aluminum N2: 0.630”
Galvanized N2: 0.188”
Brass N2: 0.380”
Copper N2: 0.380”

Machine Specifications

Axis processing movement: Stationary table with X-Y-Z movement (Flying-optics)

Maximum work piece size X-Y: 60” x 120”
Work  table height: 35.4”
Axis travel X-Y: 62.8” x 122.4”
Z-axis: 4.33”
Axis acceleration X-Y: 1.8G
Rapid traverse rate X-Y: 4,724 linear IPM linear (6,680 IPM 45 degree vector)
Rapid Traverse rate Z: 2,362 IPM
Design: Bridge Gantry style
Axis Drive system X1/X2-Y: Helical rack & pinion
Axis Drive system Z: Digital servo Drive, Ball screw
Positional accuracy X-Y: +/- 0.002”/19.68”
Positional accuracy Z: +/- 0.0004”/3.94”
Repeatability X-Y-Z: +/- 0.0012”
Cutting head: Mazak Multi-Function Torch
Z-Axis profiler: Non-contact type/Capacitance
Lighting system: Inside enclosure
Operation status indicator lights; Yellow/Laser source on/ Red/Laser beam on
Programmable assist gas ports: Shop air for system operation (not for  air cutting) Oxygen 116 PSI, Nitrogen 435 PSI, Optional 4th port 435 PSI
Programmable gas range: 3 PSI to 360 PSI
Noise level laser: Maximum 80 dB


Mazatrol PreviewG control with 19” SXGA touch screen


Mazak LASERFLEX-3015 Automated Loading & Unloading System with 1” Material capacity
Raw Material loading station w/90mm Stack height at 3000 kg
Finished Nests Unloading Station w/90mm Stack height
Mazak Laser Pallet Extension & System Software
Mazak Scheduler

Equipped with:

RoboVent Plaser Dust Collection System
RoboVent Hopper, Long Legs, 55-Gallon Drum w.Full Sensor & Hopper Gate
Orion Chiller
High Accuracy Nozzle Kit
Super High Pressure Piping – Programmable 4th Assist Gas
Powered Conveyor System

Additional Standard Features

One green glass side viewing window
Machining nozzle
Nozzle adapters

Work piece laser edge detection & coordinate rotational function

USB port for personal computer
LAN connection function for external communications
Automatic power cutoff
Assist gas pressure NC function
Assist gas changer
Side air blast
Power transformer
Slat table
Manual worksheet clamp (2 pieces x 2 pallets)
Foundation materials
Protective Window Lens cleaning set
Adjusting tools
relocation detector
Lighting unit
Oscillator indicator lamps
Manuals on compact disc
Mazak standard color Black metallic & silky black

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