4000 Watt Amada FOL-3015AJ Fiber laser with MP-Flex-It Automation

Originally Manufactured in 2012, a new  Upgraded Gen 1  Engine (Resonator) was installed in 2016 Approximately current  hours as of 6/2020 are “power on” hours: 22,144; “operating ” hours: 9,641 and “cutting” hours: 5,861



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Amada FOL-3015AJ

The Amada FOL-3015AJ is a high speed “linear drive” fiber laser cutting system. All FOL series machines feature the fastest linear drive motion system for unmatched speed and productivity. This FOL is equipped with an Upgraded Generation 1 Engine with Fire Polished Combiner for reliability, and an Amada  MP-Flex-It load/unload  automation to maximize  the machines speed  for greater productivity.

Machine Specifications

Model: FOL-3015AJ
Maximum cutting area: (X) 120.86″ x (Y) 61.02″
X, Y Traverse speed X/Y/Z: 9,448″/9,448″/4.274″/min
Drive feed method X/Y/Z: Linear
Maximum cutting speed: 9,449 Inches per minute
Table size: 120″ x 60″
Table height: 37″
LST (Shuttle table): standard
Position accuracy: +/- 0.0004″
Power supply: 200/60 V/Hz (+ 10%), 3 Phase
Machine weight: 31,328 lbs.

Fiber Laser Specifications

Laser Oscillator (Engine): AJ4000
Oscillation method: LD to Yb Fiber (monolithic)
Power output (CW): 2000 Watt or 4000 watt
Principle: Fiber-Laser
Wave Length: 1,08 microns

Controller  Specifications

Model: AMNC-F
Screen: Touch Screen
Number of Controlled Axis: 5 (X/Y/Z/B) and Lasers Control
Memory Capacity: 10 MB

Material Thickness Specifications

Material: AJ4000
Mild steel: 0.866″
Stainless steel: 0.709″
Aluminum: 0.630″
Copper: 0.315″
Brass: 0.315

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