4000-Watt FLC-4020AJ Fiber laser system
Manufactured in 2014

Large 4 x 2 meter table will handle sheets larger than 6′ x 12′


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The Amada FLC-4020AJ is a large table version of the FLC series of Fiber laser cutting systems. Like all the FLC series systems, this machine features the high-speed drive system based off Amada’s high performance F1 laser series. It is also equipped with a 4000-watt AJ fiber laser resonator (source) and the large shuttle tables can handle 4 x 2 meter (~ 6.5 x 13′) sheets.


FLCAJ Series model: FLCAJ 4020
Maximum cutting area: 157.84″ x 78.7″
Axis travel cutting head: 186″ x 80.7″ 3.93″
Maximum material thickness: 0.875″ (4kw)
Table loading weight: 3,483 lbs.
Positioning speed (X/Y/Z): 4,72 inches per minute
X,Y Traverse speed: 6,680 inches per minute
Drive feed method (X/Y/Z): linear drive
Maximum acceleration: 2.4 G
Maximum cutting speed: 4,724 inches per minute
Table height: 37″
LST (Shuttle table): Standard
Position accuracy” +/- 0.0004″
Power supply: 200/60V/Hz (+/- 10 percent) 3 phase
Machine weight: 31,300 lbs


Laser Oscillator (Engine): AJ4000
Oscillation method: LD to Yb Fiber (monolithic)
Power output (CW): 2000 Watt or 4000 watts
Principle: Fiber-Laser
Wavelength: 1,08 microns


Model: AMNC-F
Screen: Touch Screen
Number of Controlled Axis: 5 (X/Y/Z/B) and Lasers Control
Memory Capacity: 10 MB


Material: AJ4000
Mild steel: 0.866″
Stainless steel: 0.709″
Aluminum: 0.630″
Copper: 0.315″
Brass: 0.315″

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