2000-Watt  LVD-Strippit model Lynx FL-3015 Fiber laser, New in 2017

Equipped with 2KW IPG Fiber resonator (source/engine)


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LVD-Strippit Lynx Fiber laser

The LVD-Strippit Lynx fiber laser series is a cost effective fiber laser system. Like other fiber lasers, it features high wall-plug efficiencies and fast cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  This machine is a 5′ x 10′ model with a 2000-watt IPG fiber resonator.

Machine specifications

Maximum sheet size: 120″ x 60″
X-Axis travel: 121″
Y-Axis travel: 61″
Z-axis travel-
Upper table: 3.1″
Lower  table: 9.5″
Maximum sheet weight on table: 1,598 lbs.
Table changeover time: 26 sec.
Repetitive accuracy: +/- 0.001″
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.002″

Machine dimensions

Length x width: 35′ x 20′ (Including light guards, filter and chiller)
Height: 8′
Weight: 27,558 lbs.

Laser specifications

Type: IPG 2KW
Maximum cutting performance: 2KW
Mild steel: 1/2″
Stainless steel: 1/4″
Aluminum: 5/16″
Copper: 5/32″
Brass: 5/32″
Cutting head: Precitec Light Cutteer

Equipped with

15″ Touch L-CNC Siemens  control,  with Siemens drives and motors
Control memory  capacity: 1 GB RAM 2 X 4 GB Flash
Manual focus cutting head Precitec lightcutter with 200 mm lens
Manual safety door and enclosure
Dust Collector

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