2000-Watt Amada FLC-3015AJ Fiber laser cutting cell
Manufactured in 2013

Equipped with ASLUL 300 FOL AJ Load/unload and material storage system


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Amada FLC-301AJ Fiber laser cell

The Amada  FLC-3015AJ fiber laser is a linear-drive, high-speed fiber laser. This high-speed laser features a 2000-watt AJ Fiber resonator and a nozzle changer. In order to maximize productivity, the cell includes a load and unload system, plus a materiel storage tower.

Technical data-machine

Maximum cutting area: 120.86″ x 61.02″
Axis travel cutting head: 128.74″ x 61.02″ x 3.93″
Maximum material thickness: 0.625″ (2kw)
Table loading weight: 2000 lbs.
Positioning speed (X/Y/Z): 4,724 inches per minute
X,Y Traverse speed: 6,680 inches per minute
Drive feed method (X/Y/Z): Linear drive
Maximum acceleration: 2.4 G
Maximum cutting speed: 4,724 inches per minute
Table height: 37″
LST (Shuttle table): standard
Position accuracy: +/- 0.0004″
Power supply: 200/60 V/Hz +/- 10%, 3 phase
Machine weight: 24,251 lbs.

Technical data-laser

Oscillator (Fiber Engine): AJ2000
Oscillation method: LD to YB Fiber (monolithic)
Power output (CW): 2000 watts
Principle: Fiber-Laser
Wave length: 1.08 microns


Model: AMNC-F
Screen: Touch-screen
Number of controlled axis: 5 (X/Y/Z/B) and Laser control
Memory capacity: 10 MB

Equipped with:

ASLUL 300 FOL AJ load and unload system with material storage tower

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